About Us

Welcome to Dehavarman - Where Style Meets Shield!

Derived from the Sanskrit term meaning "shield to the body" or "body armor," Dehavarman stands as a bastion of quality and aesthetic design in the world of clothing. Our mission is simple: to deliver top-notch products at the best prices, with every item proudly crafted by manufacturers synonymous with luxury brands. We take pride in being a 100% Made in India brand.

Our Unique Identity: Anime, D:V Original, Aesthetic & Seasonal Styles

At Dehavarman, we cater to the discerning tastes of anime enthusiasts and lovers of trendy street fashion. Our diverse range includes Anime, D:V Original, Aesthetic, and Seasonal designs, ensuring that every customer finds the perfect piece to complement their style.

Meet the Visionaries: Sriyal & Abhishek

Founded by Mr. Sriyal and co-founder Mr. Abhishek, both with engineering backgrounds and a shared passion for anime, Dehavarman was born out of a desire to provide premium, aesthetic clothing. Frustrated by the oversaturation of the anime clothing market with uninspiring designs and a lack of affordable high-quality options, we set out to fill this gap and create a brand that resonates with the majority of teenagers seeking unique and stylish apparel.

Our Pledge and Aspirations

1. Premium Clothing: We are committed to crafting clothing that exudes premium quality and aesthetic appeal.

2. Anime and Trendy Street Fashion: Our goal is to provide anime fans and trendsetters with the fashion they truly deserve.

3. Timeless Designs: We stay ahead of the curve by offering designs that are not just trendy but also stand the test of time.

4. Uncompromising Quality: From fabric to printing, we never compromise on the quality that goes into every Dehavarman product.

5. Customer Happiness: At the core of our ethos is the goal of making every customer happy. Your satisfaction is our ultimate achievement.

Connect With Us

Do you have any questions or concerns? Reach out to us at contact@dehavarman.com. Your feedback matters, and we're here to make your experience with Dehavarman exceptional.

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